Recycling Guidelines

We Care recycles only We Care does not recycle
Aluminum cans Appliances
Aluminum scrap Batteries
Cardboard Clothing
Clear container glass Hazardous materials
Magazines Paint
Newspaper Scrap steel
Plastic containers (#1 and #2 only) Plastic other than #1 and #2 containers
Office paper TVs
Tin cans Tires
  Used oil
  Window glass

The end-users of recyclable materials (the businesses to which We Care sends recyclables) need materials that do not contain unwanted items that can interfere with their processing equipment or final product quality. Please help We Care ship acceptable quality recycled materials by following these guidelines.

Aluminum Cans Clean cans. Flattening cans is not necessary.
Cardboard Corrugated boxes, pasteboard boxes (cereal boxes, towel rolls, etc), brown paper bags. Please, no waxed or plasticized boxes (milk and juice containers, etc).
Clear Glass Clean, clear jars and bottles only. Labels may be left on. Please remove lids and any metal or plastic collars or rings. Please, no colored glass, vases, drinking glasses, window glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, etc.
Magazines Magazines and catalogs only. Magazines should be loose -- no bags or tied bundles. Please, no newspaper supplements.
Newspaper Newsprint only, including any printed or colored supplements that come with the newspaper. Paper may be loose, tied with string or packed in paper bags. Please, no wire bundles or plastic bags.
Office Paper White and colored paper only. Please separate into these two categories. Staples and paper clips are OK. Please, no slick paper, carbon paper, brochures with glued bindings, Post-It notes, etc.
Plastic #1 and #2 containers only. Look for the number in the small triangle on or near the container bottom. Containers should be rinsed and the caps removed. Please, no styrofoam or plastic trays.
Tin Cans Clean cans only. Labels are OK. Flattening cans is not necessary